About Us

SBIO Analytics

SBIO Analytics was founded during the spring of 2017. The purpose of SBIO Analytics is to ensure that the SBIO Management makes decisions based on students´ collective interests, and reveal shortcomings at BI and SBIO.

All our members receive training in highly relevant tools. Our work consists of analyzing problems which affects the majority of students at BI, campus Oslo. These problems are often solved through teamwork, something we value highly. The use of teamwork combined with a diverse social program leads to strong unity in our staff function.

Mission Statement

SBIO Analytics works as a link between students, SBIO and BI through professional surveys and analyzes of the student body. SBIO Analytics will develop tools to map and communicate the students’ opinions in a responsible way to the SBIO Board.


SBIO Analytics ensure that SBIO make decisions based on the student body’s interest and uncover shortcomings at SBIO and BI.