Management 2017 / 2018

Egil Fjeldheim


The President has the overall responsibility for the operations in SBIO Analytics. He is Responsible for defining strategies and goals and making sure the management achieve these goals. The president will coordinate operations.

Christine Svarstad

Financial Manager

The Financial Manager has the responsibility for all financial activity in SBIO Analytics.This includes budgeting based on strategy and planned activity, allocating funds to events and projects and keeping a financial record. She will have an overview of SBIO Analytics’ financial state at all times.

Torkel Radig

Human Resources Manager

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for implementing human resource values by creating good recruitment routines, handle conflicts and create social wellbeing within the staff function. The HR Manager is responsible for recruiting a group of motivated and qualified members based on our vision and values. 

Vilde Habberstad Svendsen

Communications Manager

The Communications Manager is responsible for communicating internal and external information about SBIO Analytics. The Manager is responsible for all use of social media and web development. She will also develop promotion plans and material for marketing.

 Chantel Raniin Backer

Business Relations Manager

The Business Relations Manager is responsible for creating a connection between SBIO Analytics and our collaborators. This include functioning as a contact point for stakeholders, gaining market support and enter into agreements. The business relations manager will represent our vision, values and services.

Emil Gran

Research Manager

The Research Manager is responible for all our projects and to ensure a desired outcome. He is responsible for coordinating projects with the analysts and board, and suporting and helping our members when needed. He wil make sure the resources are allocated in a propper way and all invloved parties are sattisfied.